This Girl On Twitter Is Claiming To Have Blown Baker Mayfield – Caused Problems With Bakers Wife – Now He Blocked Her and She Has Videos and Pics To Prove It All!

Kacie (@kaciejdingess) on Twitter shared some information in the past with the entire Twitter World regarding her and NFL quarterback Baker Mayfield. Maybe a little bit too much information?

The posts claim that Baker cheated on his wife, Emily Wilkinson, with Kacie – then Baker blocked her on social media after months of talking.

The first post that she mentioned Baker in today was that he blocked her on Twitter. She reposted the same image and said “Did me giving you head in your back seat … idk.. maybe cause some problems??”

Her next post proved that the two of them have/had communicated together in the past,

Since then Baker Mayfield posted a picture of his wife on Twitter, making you wonder if by chance he felt the pressure.

Listen, I realize that people cheat… But who knows what has happened. Baker has a smokeshow wife, would he cheat on her?

Kacie, whats next? You going to prove you guys hooked up? Or you going to leave it at this? Time will tell.

Btw.. Kacie isn’t too bad herself…. hmmm.


Twitter user Gabb commented claiming she knows about the story:

We will have to wait and see if anything else happens. I’ll be updating you along the way..


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