This Chick Has One Big Boob And One Small Boob; Also 10K Subs On OnlyFans!

Written by TrevStone

What would you do if you were a female and had one big boob and also one smaller boob? Would you want surgery? Or would you market yourself and create an OnlyFans?

That’s what happened recently for Imogen Grace.

A woman has taken her unique breast sizes and turned them into a side hustle that’s earned her thousands. Imogen Grace has one boob almost double the size of the other, but despite not having a bra that properly fits has turned down surgery to even out her breasts, saying she’s learned to embrace her unique look.

The 26-year-old wears a 38H bra to accommodate the larger boob on one side and sometimes uses “chicken fillet” breast inserts to even the other significantly smaller side.

After refusing constructive surgery at 18, Grace — who calls herself The Queen of Odd Bap — now boasts over 10,000 subscribers on OnlyFans. The UK woman told South West News Service that she started out as a webcam model at 19 and moved to OnlyFans in March 2020 after noticing work was “drying up.”

The popular creator began posting to TikTok, noting how popular her “niche of odd boobs” was on the platform, leading her OnlyFans subscriptions to increase.

“I went from like 250 subscribers to just under 10,000 after one of my videos got 3.5 million views,” she told SWNS, admitting followers have had adverse views about her breast sizes. “Everybody has an opinion on my boobs. I do get a lot of nasty comments, but I just scroll past them. If it is really bad, I will block them,” she explained.

“I’ve had partners and they aren’t fazed by it. I’m not fazed by it, so I don’t see the point in correcting something that doesn’t really bother me.” Despite the occasional troll — with people calling her Biggie Smalls or Nemo — Grace said it doesn’t bother her.

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