THIS CAN’T BE TRUE: Snoop Dogg Turned Down a $2 MILLION Offer From Michael Jordan

Written by austenlange

Snoop D-O-G-G, aka Snoop Dogg. This man has done everything in life at least 2 times. A man who has performed at the Super Bowl, a cooking show with MArtha Stewart, went on a lifelong changing trip to Africa and all while just being the most stoned human on the planet.

Even with all of his accomplishments Snoop will still even to this day turn down offers, even those worth more money then I will ever see.

Snoop says he once turned down a whopping $2 million dollars to DJ a Michael Jordan party. Apparently, money can’t buy everything, as the Doggfather revealed on Jake Paul’s “Impaulsive” Podcast … and apparently, that includes scheduling conflicts. Even for Sir Michael.

He also says later that his favorite, “MJ” will always be MAgic Johnson so this could honestly be the real reason as to why Snoop didn’t go out of his way for Michael Jordan.

I am sure the $2million won’t go missed, as the artist recently divulged that he gets a minimum $275k for a feature.

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