Barstool Sports Calling Out Racism

This Barstool Sports Employee Is Having His Old Racist/Homophobic Tweets Pulled Up As People Call For Him To Be Fired

Not a good look if you ask me. While the everyone is calling for Keith Markovich from Barstool Sports to be fired, his old racist/homophobic tweets are resurfacing.

People on Twitter have uncovered racist and homophobic tweets of KMarko’s dating back to 2011.

Take a look for yourself:

Uh oh is right, if there is one thing you should know about the internet, it does not forgive and it sure doesn’t forget. If these tweets are real and they sure do look like, this is the end of KMarko as we know it.

Initially I was not on board with firing Keith because I thought this was a funny feud that would drive content for Barstool but you can’t have someone like this work for you…right? Ball is in Dave’s court, lets see what happens. #FireKMarko

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