Hats off (or should I say watermelons off) to two crafty criminals in Virginia who donned carved out watermelons as their disguises when they pilfered liquor from a Sheetz store convenience store. The Smoking Gun is reporting:

Two young men wearing hollowed-out watermelon rinds on their heads stole alcohol from a Virginia convenience store, according to police who this weekend apprehended one of the masked bandits.

The duo, cops say, earlier this month swiped booze from a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa, a town 30 miles east of Charlottesville. As recorded in surveillance footage, the melon-headed perps had cut eye holes in the watermelon rinds.

Using fruit to get the loot.

Unfortunately for one of the thieves, the watermelon mask proved little help in evading the long arm of the law, as one suspect has already been arrested. The Smoking Gun noted:

Police have charged Justin Rogers, 20, with larceny, underage possession of alcohol, and wearing a mask while committing larceny.

As someone who spent time in Con College (read my prison memoir Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How an Attorney Survived Prison, I applaud the daring duo’s idea, even if the execution proved less than successful. No word if the police followed the watermelon seeds to the suspect’s residence.

While it may seem strange to see two individuals wearing watermelons over their heads, keep in mind that people have been wearing some unorthodox face masks during the coronapocalypse as seen when a man wore a hood resembling that of the Ku Klux Klan and a couple wore face masks with swastikas on them. It’s possible the clerk saw the two and thought “You do you and I’ll do me.”

Watermelon Man (1970) a comedy film by Mario Van Peebles

On a side note, the two thieves’ activities should not be confused with Melvin Van Peebles’s 1970 comedy film Watermelon Man, which tells the story of a white racist who wakes up to discover he’s turned into a black man.