Thiago Santos vs Johnny Walker is gonna be a BANGER

Written by Noah Gagnon

A lot of times after a big UFC card, fans will experience the type of hangover that causes them to miss the next week’s card. This is not the week for that. Tomorrow night’s main event between Johnny Walker and Thiago Santos is one of the best light heavyweight matchups in a long, long time. This is a division that’s been in a drought for some time, but with fights like this going down, it’s quickly becoming one of the sport’s most intriguing divisions.

Thiago Santos is undeniably one of the biggest animals this sport has ever seen. He has the most knockouts in UFC history, went 5 rounds with Jon Jones on a torn ACL, and has a giant hammer tattooed to his chest that makes me tinkle in my pants a little bit every time I see it. If this guy walked by me on the street, I’d give him my lunch money out of sheer respect and intimidation. He wouldn’t even have to ask.

Johnny Walker, on the other hand, is one of the hottest prospects this division’s seen in a long time. There was a stretch of time where it really looked like he could be the guy to take down Jon Jones, buuuuuttttt then he did the worm after winning a fight, hurt his shoulder, and subsequently lost his next two fights. But let’s forget about that. He’s on a winning streak now and is back to being one of the division’s most exciting contenders. He has cool hair and dances in the cage. The guy rules.

Sidenote: I get the vibe that Johnny Walker pulls an absurd amount of ass in Brazil. How could he not?

No part of me wants to have to predict this fight, but every part of me is gonna want to bet it, so I guess I have to predict it. Gun to my head, I go Johnny Walker. All due respect to Santos, please don’t hurt me, but he just hasn’t looked the same since the knee injury, and Walker’s been on a tare. Regardless of the outcome, we’re blessed that these guys get to share the cage for 25 minutes. The amount of violence is gonna be absurd. Just bleed.

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