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“They Treated Us Like Sh*t” – Oakland A’s Pitcher Liam Hendriks on Golden State Warriors

Written by Nate

The Oakland Athletics (A’s) and the Golden State Warriors were neighbors for a long time along the bays, but it seemed like one team was really happy to see another move to San Francisco. 

The one specific player that was happy to see a team move was Oakland A’s closer Liam Hendriks, whom went on record in a recent interview and openly ripped the Warriors. 

For the first time this season, Golden State will playing in San Francisco to their new home, Chase Center, after nearly 50 years at their old home at the Oracle Arena. 

And Hendriks, along the rest of the A’s team, didn’t care to say goodbye to their old neighbors. 

Down below is the full interview excerpt from Hendriks credited to For The Win and the Athletic website. 

Hendriks also recalled a story on how the A’s had to wait for the Warriors fans and made them wait at the city’s athletic complex’s parking lot until they left. The reason is because the team wasn’t as ‘important’ as the fans were. 

Let’s say the baseball team couldn’t wait for the Warriors to leave Alameda County.

This beef might have started and after when Hendriks joined the A’s back in 2016 and their neighborly companionship quickly crumbled ever since. 

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