Recently this week UFC president Dana White admitted he had a deal in the works that would bring the GOAT and his accomplice to the Vegas strip. I am talking about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to Las Vegas, but unfortunatley for Raider fans that didnt happen and who can they thank for that? According to White they can thank Jon Gruden who pulled the deal at the last moment.

Tom Brady’s appearance on HBO’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted” on June 26, 2021 had Brady saying a mystery team was really sticking with that Mother F***er. The rumors started swirling! Everyone thought he was referring to the Miami Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick, but with White’s comments, it is now thought to be Derek Carr. According to White the deal was all but done, that is until the Tom Brady’s appearance on HBO’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted”ir former raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden pulled the plug and dissed the deal. Gruden probably made the worse decision of his time in Las Vegas, because Brady went down south to Florida in Tampa and won the Bucs their second super bowl title.  Howw different things would have been on the Vegas strip if both Brady and Gronk came to Vegas. Would they have won the SUper Bowl? Would they still have traded for DEvante Adams this offseason?

Did Mark Davis know? Did Gruden mess up?

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