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These Yooper High School Students Rushed The Court After Their Team Manager Scored On Senior Night Thanks To Assist From The Other Team | MUST SEE MOMENT |

Written by TrevStone

As the Calumet Copper Kings traveled to take on Hancock Bulldogs there was something special planned and it turned out perfect. Trust me, I had tears dripping down my eyes while I watched this originally. As a Yooper, this made me Yooper Proud.

Kenny Ericson has been the Hancock Bulldogs team manager and all-around biggest supporter of the Bulldogs athletics for many years and last night he had his opportunity to take the court, on senior night.

In a video posted on social media it shows Hancock winning the opening tip and giving the ball to #42, after he first got the ball, he passes it back to his team, then? He missed his shot. But thanks to an assist from Calumet Copper Kings #14, Kenny made his shot!

One that he and the students of Hancock will remember forever.

First year head coach of the Bulldogs Zack Ohtonen had this to say:

“The first day I met Kenny I could tell right off that bat what type of young man he was. Kenny is a very special kid that when he is around you it just gives you a happy feeling. He has been the manager of the bulldogs all four years and has always taken that job seriously. Kenny brings out the best side of people. I knew from the beginning of the season I wanted to provide a special night for him that he will never forget.

Throughout the season I discussed my plans with the rest of the team as well my assistant coach Ramon Sague. Throughout the season I would tell Kenny you better be ready on senior night because you’re starting. He was filled with joy and practiced his shots for the last couple weeks. As well plenty of help from Dave Wanhala with teaching Kenny how to use the backboard. Before the game I got together with the student section and let them all know the plan for tonight’s game, as well talked with the referees and the Calumet Coach. Everyone was on board and knew they were going to be part of something special. Kenny all season talked to me about all the videos he has seen of managers that are able to dress up and score.

He truly wished for that to come true for himself. With great help from everyone involved, we were able to make great lifelong memories for Kenny. When it was all done all that I could hear was Kenny saying, “this is the best day of my life”. While having the biggest smile on his face. Everyone could just feel and see the joy in this moment. Kenny deserved every moment of this. In the end this is what coaching and being a Hancock Bulldog is all about.”

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