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These Warriors are Fun to Watch.

I know, I know. Everyone hates the Warriors yadi yadi ya, but c’mon you got to admit it. They can be so fun to watch. I am no Warriors fan whatsoever. However, I DID NOT hate them the pre-Durant era. And quite frankly, this team is close to that pre-Durant era team.

They still need to wait for Klay to return, and when he does ohhhh boy, it’s going to be great. The best part is, they play late at night. For me, who works a lot of night shift/early morning shift, I sleep during those normal 7pm games. But, I wake up just in time to catch the 2nd half of those Pacific Coast teams in action. It’s perfect!

Steph Curry. The main reason of fun. Honestly I can’t hate the guy no more, he’s simply so fun. And with the new foul rules where players will be caught more likely with the lean into the defender bullshit, he will be even more fun to watch since he won’t focus on that too much.

I am very sad that I missed the first quarter of this unreal performance. 25 points and not one miss!!! Are you kidding? This is the fun Curry, not the front-running B.S. Curry. Pure madness. This Warriors team just makes the NBA a lot more fun, especially on an already loaded Western Conference. I genuinely believe with all teams healthy, 10 teams can win that conference. The Warriors being one of them.

This is good for the NBA folks. Actually having a wide-open conference. It just makes every game mean more. Having these fun Warriors only make it better to watch.

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