These refs have to be rooting for the Bucks

Written by Noah Gagnon

Ok, not to overreact here, but this could be the worst display of officiating I’ve ever seen in any sporting event in my entire life. There was all this bullshit talk for the entire offseason about how these fraud refs were cracking down on the ticky-tack foul calls, but what that really means, is that the refs are cracking down on James Harden and the Nets, and ONLY James Harden and the Nets (and maybe Trae Young).

Yeah, the Nets only have one more foul than the Bucks, but let’s put that aside right now. Eye test-wise, the Nets have about 1000000 more fouls, and honestly, the amount no calls the Bucks have benefitted from is really making me think the fix is in on this game, and maybe the entire NBA season. I know we’re only one half into the first game of the year, but I’m already convinced the mob has their hands on this one.

Please explain to me how James Harden can drive down the line, get his beard chopped off by a machete and then get soccer kicked in the anus, only for the refs to turn the other cheek, but if Kevin Durant dares to inhale within a 6-foot radius of Giannis the whistle is getting blown.

Did you see the Middeton call? The guy literally jumps about 3 feet forward into LaMarcus Aldridge’s foot, and somehow not only gets himself bailed out with 3 free throws but even gets a pity technical! These scumbags gave Milwaukee 3 free throws, and the ball after! That’s the type of stuff that swings a game.

To get 3 shots and the ball, you should literally have to be on the receiving end of a Francis Ngannou uppercut while in the act of shooting. Unless you’re a Milwaukee Buck tonight, then just jump on Lamarcus Aldridge’s ankle and you’ll get it.

I hate these refs. I hate the Bucks. I hate sports. I’m doubling down on the Nets in the second half.

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