These Quotes By Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards About Building Teams and Adding Value Are Spot On | @lmgriffjohnson @JoshRichards

Written by TrevStone

Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards continue to shock many people, including myself. At first, I thought that they were just on TikTok dancing. But what they’re doing is much bigger than that.

They’ve invested in multiple businesses, most recently the company Sillybandz. After all of the moves they’ve made they were featured on BusinessInsider being in the top 29 up-and-comers changing the world of venture capital.

Both Johnson and Richards had quotes in the article that stood out to me and many!

“The strongest teams are composed of people with complementary talents, knowing that ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts,” – Josh Richards

“To add value, you have to have a belief and passion in the concept/company that goes beyond simple financials” – Griffin Johnson

They have went from making TikTok videos to investing in businesses. And now all of the hard work is paying off. Being a business owner myself (running ProSportsExtra) I’ve noticed that people think that these TikTokers are young and dumb. Some of them are. But these two are not. I’m the same age as Griffin Johnson and I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes right now. Everyday they’re working on something new, making headlines, they’re killing it! The future for them is bright.

People thought that many of these TikTokers wouldn’t last. For some that is true but people like Richards and Johnson making these moves will make them stick around.

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