Normally, when we go on a flight…it’s not the greatest of experiences. Granted, that’s because we’re usually stuck with an airline like Frontier or United that…isn’t the greatest. But Southwest Air is usually one of those airlines that’s better than most. And one particular flight going to San Diego Comic-Con today turned out to be better than most. That’s because the airline teamed up with Nintendo to give some lucky flyers a free Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2. Yep, you read that right.

Lauren, a host for Funimation, shared the story over on her Twitter account, which you can see below. It begins with them getting an interesting message from an attendant waring a Mario Maker hat. But then, as they get on the plane, the jig is up – and the gifts are given out… 

And that gift is in the form of a voucher that gives them a Nintendo Switch console with red and blue JoyCons, along with a physical copy of the Mario Maker 2 game. And they were handed right out to the consumers right when they got off the plane, so they could enjoy them as they made their way into the city. Now, why they weren’t Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is beyond us, since that’s the “hot” release of the week for Nintendo and all, but, hey, who are we to question this awesome promotion?

Meanwhile, we could barely get our hands on a soda without paying several bucks for it, much less a pillow or something along those lines. C’mon, stewardess, we paid good money for these seats!


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