I completely understand if you’re upset at Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She has strict rules in place because of COVID-19. I don’t want to get into it here about if you agree or disagree.

I would like to just lay down some facts for everyone. These facts are scary facts. Not opinions. Just facts.

Before you make it about Democrats vs Republicans, just read these facts. These are scary FACTS no matter what party you are apart of.

4th Highest State With Confirmed Cases, 3rd Highest With Death

Why is other states seeing less death? Why is Michigan a hot spot? Because people aren’t quarantining themselves.

Ohio Has 17% More Residents Than Michigan, Michigan Has 4X The Amount Of Cases

More than 80 percent of confirmed cases in Michigan are in the Detroit area. Which makes sense as everyone lives closer together. Unlike Ohio where living is more spread out.

Michigan Has The Highest Death Rate In U.S – Still Ranking Low In Testing

Michigan College Students Are Starting To Pass Away

A 20 year old just passed away alongside his dad from the virus.

People Are Traveling From Wisconsin/Illinois To The Upper Peninsula

Virginia Has 6,180 Cases And Has A Shutdown Until June 10th!

If you’re mad that Gov. Whitmer keeps on extending the stay at home order, look at other states. They’re doing the same thing and aren’t seeing the amount of cases that Michigan is.

**If you’re still thinking that it’s fine to go out in public and that Whitmer is being too strict than that’s fine. There is a reason she is. The death rate is scary in Michigan.. Please continue to practice safe distancing and stay at home.**