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These 4 NBA Referees All Attended The Same High School | 1 Went To Prison For Gambling/Rigging Games, Other 3 Are Questionably The Worst Referees Of All Time – Could They Possibly All Have Worked Together Cheating The Sport?

Written by TrevStone

I’m not the biggest conspiracy theorist but the research that I’ve been working on has my mind going crazy. Every NBA fan over the age of 18 knows the story about former referee Tim Donaghy. If you don’t know to sum it up quickly he went to prison for gambling and rigging games. It’s one of the most talked about stories in sports history. A professional league finally found a referee cheating.

But wait… Could there be more behind it? Tim Donaghy has been upfront about believing the current ref’s are still doing it. He never said names but I’ve got a clue.

  • If I told you that two NBA referees attended the same high school, you’d think that’s pretty crazy… But what if I told you that FOUR NBA referees attended the same high school?
  • What if I told you that those four are known for blowing calls and giving out crazy amounts of technical fouls?

You’d probably think I’m crazy… But it’s true four NBA referees attended the same high school…… Not at the same time.. Still though… How is it possible that four of them all attended Cardinal O’Hara High School?

Remember NBA referee Joey Crawford? Joseph Crawford?

What are some of his most famous moments?

The referee who started giving technical to players on the bench… Ruining NBA finals?

Mike Callahan –

Mike Callahan has been talked about for years being a terrible referee. He retired after the 2018 – 2019 season. Thankfully.

There has been conspiracies for years that Callahan was rigging games. Check out these terrible calls in crucial moments.

Ed Malloy –

Our of every referee that I’ve listed Malloy is the worst out of them all. What’s he known for? Giving out technical fouls in crucial parts of the game.

Is it possible that these four referees have worked together on rigging games? How do four NBA referees attend Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, Pennsylvania?

You’re telling me that Tim Donaghy never talked to these referees? Donaghy literally did PRISON time for rigging games and betting on them. Of course he wasn’t going to tell on his coworkers who did/are doing it also.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that they all went to the same high school and are known for rigging games? I doubt it!

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