There Were Baseball Games This Week; Just Not in America

Written by Dylan Steffen

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of stir around the world including the sports world causing every league, except NFL, to shut down for weeks even months. But no virus is going to keep the Korean Baseball Organization League from playing baseball. The KBO League is the highest level of baseball in South Korea.

The Hanwha Eagles held an intrasquad-scrimmage game today because of South Korea’s success with extensive testing and social distancing. Every player wore cough masks to obviously prevent getting other players sick.

Another team of the KBO, the Doosan Bears live streamed their intrasquad games from earlier this week. You can watch a replay of one of those games here:

KBO’s Doosan Bears intrasquad game

Could we see this begin to happen in the MILB and MLB to bring back professional baseball in America sooner than expected? Being the baseball fanatic that I am, I would love to see this happen to fill a void in American sports but it would be interesting with the latest reports of two Yankees’ Minor Leaguers testing positive for COVID-19.

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