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The Zillion Beers Club is the New Saturdays are For the Boys!!! & Now it’s also For a Great Cause

Somehow again, the master of the internet Dave Portnoy has struck gold. How did he do it you may ask? By ruling with an iron fist and pushing genius out of a guy that looks like this.

This creature is named Dana B (aka Pussy) is a producer at barstool for Walk the Line and is also a video editor. He got into a Twitter fight with the Friday Beers account and somehow turned that into the Zillion Beers Club.

The man has gained over 20,000 Twitter followers in 3 days and now is selling the hottest merch on the internet, oh and this is how intelligent Twitter people are.

On Barstool radio today he made a deal with Dave that he could sell $30,000 worth of merch by the weekend and Dave won’t ever pick on Dana for content ever again. This is motivation at its best.

What a leader Portnoy is, he will sell this merch and pretty much pay for this guys salary in a weekend, just smart business again by Portnoy.

Now as the weekend has gone on Dave keeps upping the amount sold and if Dana sells 1 million worth of merch by next Sunday he gets $100,000, this is should be a Harvard business class study on negotiating and marketing. The team of Dana B and Dave Portnoy are geniuses. Update: if Dana hits the 1 million mark he will donate 15k of his 100k to Pete Frates and ALS in the Boston Marathon. He started the Budweiser challenge, it’s like the ice bucket challenge with your favorite beer. So help him hit his goal now to prove Dave wrong and for a great cause!

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