The Yankees are having a special season

Written by schultzyca

The New York Yankees the whole MLB with a record of 54-20 and there magically season continues to roll. With tonights 9-5 win against the Oakland A’s it makes it there 23rd come from behind victory of the year.

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This season for the Yankees has been reminiscent of the 2009 World Series team. They already have 10 walk off wins and it isn’t even July yet.

This team continues to find ways to win whether its from there dominate pitching staff, or timely contributions from key hitters. They continue to show they fight till the end.

The thing that really standouts for this Yanks team is they look like they are having a ton of fun out there and I guess that comes with winning, and winning, and winning. So you really cannot blame this team they are fun to watch.

With the season going this way going into the summer you have to like there chances of continuing to play at this level or at least close to it. This is just a fun team.

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