The Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is renewed

Written by schultzyca

As a die hard Yankee fan, I also have an itch when the Yankees play the Red Sox’s, games feel to mean a little more, and the atmosphere always seems a little different. But with the Red Sox’s sitting 15 games out of 1st place this series just feels meh.

Granted there is a ton of the season and these two teams play each other another 16 times this year but I can’t help to feel a little off about this series between the two clubs.

With the Yankees 6-5 win over the Red Soxs last night the Yankees become the first team in the MLB this season to reach the 60 game win total, its even crazier to think July has just began.

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Odds tonight are:

BOS: +135 (Moneyline) 1.5+ (Spread) o8.5 (Total)

NYY: -160 (Moneyline) -1.5 (Spread) u8.5 (Total)

The Yankees come into this game against the Soxs favored with having one of their best pitchers this season on the mound ‘Nasty’ Nestor Cortes.

If this lineup continues to rake as it has been and this pitching staff performs like it has it will be a long three more games for the Yankees oldest rival.

Imagine Courtesy of The New York Yankees Twitter account

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