The Wrestling Community is Pulling For Jeff Hardy

Written by schultzyca

Jeff Hardy WWE Superstar and Legend has the wrestling community confused and concerned about him. Last night during a ‘house show’ Hardy was in a six men tag-team match. Hardy is seen tagging out of the match, jumping over the barricade and exiting the arena.

We do not have really any definitive reasons on why he just left the match, put this obviously leaves fans concerned. Wrestling fans know Jeff Hardy has demons and fights both alcohol and drug addictions, so fans have immediately already thought the worst case scenario.

While there have been reports that Hardy was ‘sent home’ he wasn’t sent home until he literally left the ring so you wonder what is going on in his head.

There are rumors on Twitter that he showed up to an autograph signing ‘drunk’ and other wrestlers were having to cover for him. I do not know if there is any truth to those rumors so I won’t believe them.

What I do know is we should all be keeping Jeff in our thoughts and wishing him the best. Jeff Hardy is truly a legend and many peoples hero so it hurts to see him like this. Wishing the best for Jeff and hopefully we can get more updates on this situation soon.

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