Plenty of NBA players, both on and off the court, have plagued the NBA throughout its existence. There are plenty of people who still think they’re better than everyone else, even though others are able to lower their egos in order to increase their earning potential.

Additionally, a good number of players were covertly disruptive to every team they were on, and recency bias causes people to forget the past. Today, we will take a look at the worst teammates in the NBA that no one talks about.

Kyle Lowry (Charlotte Hornets)

Lowry had a bad reputation in the locker room prior to winning a ring with Toronto in 2019. He had disagreements with his old colleagues in Memphis and had a significant role in the dismissal of former Rockets coach Kevin McHale.

He had an excessive ego and was immature during his early years in the association. In his first few seasons in the league, Lowry thought of himself as a starter and got upset when he was used as a backup. He was deemed as a cancer in the locker room back then. It’s baffling to know that he was a headcase before being beloved in Toronto.

Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat)

Even if Butler has totally erased his reputation as a terrible teammate, his previous antics will always be a source of regret for his camp. His attitude may have stemmed from the troubled childhood he experienced.

He was called a poor teammate when he played for the Bulls. He was called a prima donna by the Sixers and a cancer in the locker room by the Wolves. It generally feels like he’s matured enough with Miami, save for his antics on media day.

D’Angelo Russell (Los Angeles Lakers)

Russell’s 2015 snitch job on Nick Young’s extramarital affair appears to have faded into obscurity over the years. Even though he was young at the time, it’s clear that he struggles with immaturity, which has affected how his NBA career has gone thus far.

In his playing days in Minnesota, Russell unintentionally developed a one-sided animosity with Rudy Gobert. The former DPOY’s limited offensive skills brushed Russell the wrong way and viewed it as limiting his progress as a point guard for the team. Now with the Lakers, he’s in and out of the starting lineup and the team continues to dangle his name in trade reports.

Jordan Poole (Washington Wizards)

When he was still in Golden State, there was no doubt about Poole’s work ethic, rising from a fringe NBA player to a possible star. However, his ego also shot up towards the atmosphere when he finally got things going on the floor.

Consequently, during last year’s training camp, Draymond Green, the mercurial forward for the Warriors, threw and successfully struck a punch in Poole’s face. It was evident that Poole’s enormous ego was starting to cause issues for the team. It seems like he’s a little bit grounded right now with Washington as people quickly realized that he isn’t capable of leading his own team. Source:


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