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The Wii U Will Get a New Game Later This Month, and This One’s Totally Worth It

Written by Robert Workman

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is as popular as it is right now, it’s no surprise that the publisher has said bye-bye to its previous console, the Wii U, as a result. But there’s still some life left in it when it comes to collectors, and Limited Run Games has an interesting surprise that’s set to make its debut at the end of the month.

That surprise comes in the form of Axiom Verge, a game produced years ago by Tom Happ and Dan Edelman, and released for various platforms. The game has also seen physical releases across the board, including Nintendo Switch. However, the Wii U version never surfaced, because a. the changing market with gaming, and b. some legal squabblesthat have surfaced between the former publisher and the developer.

But at long last, it looks like the ordeal is over, and Limited Run will FINALLY give Axiom Verge the Wii U release it deserves. The retail version for this game is set to debut later this month, on March 29, going on sale through the official Limited Run page.Quantities are expected to be limited, as it will only have so many units available before it sells out.

The package includes a copy of the game, along with a collector’s box, an original CD soundtrack, a double-sided poster (with map!) and a making of documentary that shows the game’s trials and tribulations when it came to getting made.

“After several years of struggle (and an ongoing legal battle over a huge amount of lost money at the hands of BadLand Publishing) – Axiom Verge is coming physically to the Wii U on Friday, March 29th 10AM Eastern Time at,” the company noted on its Twitter page.What’s more, 90 percent of the sales will benefit the game’s developers, making this quite a collector’s item and something to help the original team, rather than the previous developer.

It’s quite a mess what the game went through, but it’s awesome to see this game get the deluxe release treatment. If you have a Wii U, consider this a must-have. But even if you don’t, it’s a curious collector’s item that has its own footnote in history. We’re down for a couple of copies.

If that’s not your thing, you can also check out Axiom Verge for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s available now, and it rocks.

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