The Waterdogs Fall to the Atlas in Their PLL Debut

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The Waterdogs looked to be in complete control of this game until Jack Concannon and the Atlas defense decided to completely take over the game towards the end of the 3rd quarter. Up until that point it was the Charlie Cipriano show in net with a well balanced Waterdogs offensive attack carrying the lead all the way to the end of the 4th quarter.

One thing we didn’t see a lot of last year was the Atlas fighting back after putting themselves in a hole. They’d basically roll over and let teams scratch their belly once they got down on the scoreboard. This year’s Atlas team is out to prove last year was the exception, not the rule. There’s simply too much talent on this squad to sit in the middle of the pack. Oh, they also held the Waterdogs scoreless in the last 19 minutes.

The Waterdogs had a chance to tie or win the game with a 2 bomb with under a minute left in transition, but threw the ball away and the Atlas were able to kill the clock. Rookie head coach Andrew Copelan had a timeout in his back pocket but chose not to take it. Have to wonder if he’s second guessing that decision.

Here’s a few highlights to wet your whistle

Ryan Drenner, confirmed mixologist and really good lacrosse player.

Rob Pannell had 3 apples today and also decided to use his caboose to back up his defender and pot his first PLL goal, showing the former MLL MVP still has juice left in the tank.

Chris Cloutier was an animal around the crease today, burying the game winner for the Atlas on a sweet crease dive off the roll.

You’re gonna want to get off the tracks when Chris Sabia has you in his sights.

Not too much to write home about with the mic’d up players today. Good thing Matt Gaudett took care of all that with his performance last night.

PS: The Waterdogs LC part owner Big Cat from Barstool Sports completely blew any opportunity for them to win today with his spot on NBC at halftime. Just an all time mush from Big Cat

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