The viral Tom Brady video is officially fake

Written by Noah Gagnon

You know the video of Tom Brady playing catch with the throwing machine that went viral? Yeah, it’s officially fake. We know this because some famous youtube guy broke down how the CGI worked, and more importantly, Brady himself tagged the videographer that edited the clip. Despite the CGI, the video still rules, so watch it.

Now, the logical part of my brain sees this news and thinks, “no shit.” Anyone who ever thought this video was real is a complete moron. I don’t care who you are, this is a physically impossible thing to do. So, these idiots that even spent time debating whether or not this was real need to do a crash course on social media before they get caught up in some sort of Ponzi scheme.

Onnnnn the other hand, I can’t lie and say that my love for Tom Brady didn’t make me really really really want to believe that he was actually capable of this. Deep down, I obviously knew it was fake, but who would I be to doubt that a man with seven Super Bowl rings? If the video was staged as him doing this from 100 yards, I’d still have a shred of faith in Tommy’s abilities.

I guess this video’s how you really know you’ve terrorized an entire sport for over two decades. When you post something like this that’s so clearly fake and so clearly impossible, but you still have people going “I know it’s probably fake, but c’mon, it’s Tom Brady,” you know you’ve struck complete terror into the heart of every single football fan. There are millions of people out there, myself included, that could talk themselves into believing that Tom Brady can literally do whatever he wants with a football.

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