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The Urban Meyer Saga Continues: Shirtless Man Walked In and (Possibly) Lit a Bong During Meyer’s TV Interview #DUUUVAL

Written by Nate

The viral controversy surrounding the current Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer seems to be mounting to no end, but there was another past video shared on Twitter that was also surfaced and overlooked.

Posted by Twitter user Bronce the 4th, Meyer was on a live interview with a Fox Sports channel (maybe FS1) when another man walks in watching him speak.

What happens next is that the shirtless man (as you look in the mirror in the video) appeared to holding, and later, lit a bong while he was talking. And based on his facial expressions, Meyer was trying to stop him.

Yes, we heard Meyer apologize for his viral behavior and encounter with a couple cords in Ohio, but we feel he will need to explain this too.

He might have to, because by what one fellow user replied to Bronce’s thread, Meyer could be labeled as a hypocrite based on how he comes across as a ‘Christian’ yet may live a double life.

Don’t be surprised if Meyer could end fired within the next couple games. The coach has already lost the locker room and organization’s respect with his behavior, shady hires/transactions and ‘apologies,’ and doubt that he will get it back soon.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Shawnatello/Twitter**

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