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The Upper Peninsula Gets Left Off the U.S. Map Once Again.. This Time on NBC’s America’s Got Talent | @AGT

Here we go again.

Just when we left the whole ‘Upper Peninsula gets snubbed from the map’ shtick back to last year in 2019, it has been brought up once again. This time, the whole U.P. gets left off a map on a recent episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The picture, originally posted by Sabrina Pietila shown below, was mentioned on a Facebook post on WLUC TV6’s account. You can find the original post from TV6 by clicking here.

Since July of last year, this is possibly the fourth time that the Upper Peninsula has been left off the map of any kind.

Mountain Dew, Google, and NBC’s Saturday Night Live have shown maps that did not have the U.P. in it.

Mountain Dew went on to issue an apology to the residents of the U.P. on social media, and they would eventually issue a new bottle specifically for the Upper Peninsula itself.

Hey, most people like that the U.P. is left off from the map. But one day, some people will learn that this region is still here.

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