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The Undertaker Joins Cameo, Is This Hypocritical Of WWE?

Written by jwatry

It’s Undertaker Week in the world of wrestling. His big Final Farewell is this Sunday night at Survivor Series, and he has been all over the mainstream media the past couple of weeks. It makes you wonder just what WWE has planned for this weekend’s pay-per-view. As I noted in my previous column, I still have no clue as to if he has officially retired yet or not. Every question, every cryptic response, every little teaser throughout 2020 – never once has The Undertaker officially confirmed he is done competing inside the squred circle. I covered all of that in the previous column though, so let’s get to what made headlines today.

The Undertaker is offering 30 Cameos for the price tag of $1,000 each.

Yep, The Deadman can give you a personalized video for a cool grand.

Now, let me just make a quick prediction right off the bat. THIS WILL SELL OUT! As I type this, only 20 remain out of the 30 offered up. That means ten people have already spent $1,000 on a video. Do the quick math on that payday for not only Taker and WWE but also for the cut Cameo takes. Gotta play that game too remember.

If you ever wanted Taker to tell you to ‘rest in peace’ for a funeral service, now is your chance! If you ever wanted him to call you an American Bad A** wearing his cool motorcycle sunglasses while riding a chopper, here you go. It will only cost you $1,000 folks, and that is IF he puts in any effort. I have seen some Cameo videos and actually received one from Mick Foley for my birthday. That was amazing. He put in a ton of effort. On the flip side, I have seen others…and yeah, disappointing to say the least. Being Taker, I do expect him to put in 100% for this, especially for his fans right before Survivor Series.

Now as for the real question many fans are wondering: Is this hypocritical of WWE considering their recent ban on third party services for talent such as Cameo or Twitch?

Heck, we just saw Zelina Vega get released, mostly because of this very subject. Yet, now we see Taker doing special Cameo videos mere days later. What’s going on here?

Well, to answer the first question – no, it is not hypocritical. To answer the second question – here is the deal folks.

This is being done through a partnership of WWE, The Undertaker, and Cameo. That is the big difference. The DeadMan isn’t sitting at home, making this on his own and collecting $30,000 for a couple hours worth of work sitting at home. He didn’t do this on his own and banking on a WWE trademarked name, The Undertaker. That is the big difference between what this is versus what others have been doing on Twitch. WWE is promoting this and behind it.

Ultimately, I think this is a cool idea from WWE. The Undertaker is getting all of the attention this week and rightfully so. He may or may not be “officially” retiring this weekend, and he is a legend that is more than deserving to get all this buzz. The Final Farewell is this Sunday night, and he will be live in a WWE ring to formally say goodbye to all of his fans. Until then, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from him personally on Cameo…for $1,000.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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