The Ugly side of Jonathan Majors – Through the Lens of a Couple of Directors

In the recent controversy surrounding actor Jonathan Majors, there are a couple of directors who have spoken out against the actor way before the alleged domestic violence happened yesterday. 

The 33-year-old actor was arrested after being accused of choking and hitting his girlfriend in New York City. According to reports, during a taxi ride, the couple was already arguing and it escalated when his girlfriend proceeded to peek at the actor’s phone. 

The physical altercation resulted in the woman’s brief hospitalization to treat a laceration behind her ear, with redness and marks on her face. The Marvel actor was briefly detained but was released after the woman recanted her story and dropped the charges. 

While all of this is happening, the incident was seemingly predicted by a couple of directors in the industry. Director A.B. Allen, an upcoming filmmaker, posted a cryptic tweet back in February, which has since been deleted.

He stated, ‘There’s a particular actor, relatively new on the scene, who Twitter has violently fallen head over heels for who, in actuality, is a vicious, cruel, abusive human being, both professionally and in his personal life, and every new viral thirst tweet about him drives me insane’.

After news of Majors’s assault came to light, he followed up with a more serious tone with his comments against the actor.

“I regret my overly-flippant tone here. I read the words alleged assault, in the tweet, figured we were talking about a shoving match outside of a bar or something, then posted this. Once I read the details, far more brutal than I expected, I wished I had said something else. Everything I’ve known about has not been physical. It’s not a huge leap at all for emotionally violent/professionally abusive people to become physically violent as well, but I was not made aware of it. This is uniquely horrific and very grave”.

The other director who spoke out against Majors is Tim Nicolai. While he hasn’t worked with the actor in any capacity, he claims that he knows someone who worked with Majors before and the experience was downright ugly which led him to call the actor a ‘sociopath and abuser’.

“I’m just gonna say this about Jonathan Majors and be done with it: folks at Yale and the broader NYC community have known about him for years. He’s a sociopath and abuser and that is how virtually everyone speaks about him. It’s a shame it took this long for him to be reported”.

While everything they stated isn’t verified as facts, they are both working within the entertainment industry and they have inside intel on the real score about the actor’s behavior behind the scenes. If other victims will show up and corroborate their stories, then this will definitely blow up in everyone’s social media timeline.

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