In case you live under a rock, NFL star Calvin Ridley got suspended for a full season after it was discovered he bet a total of $1500 on NFL games over the course of 5 days. Not exactly an egregious offense, and certainly a punishment unbefitting of the crime itself, but it got me thinking about how the UFC pays fighters. They’re basically placing a huge bet on themselves in every fight.

If you don’t know, the vast majority of UFC fighter’s contracts fall under the show/win structure. Basically, you get half of your money just to show up, and you only get the other half if you win. So, if you fight 3x in a year and go 3-0, you’re gonna be in way better shape financially than someone who went 0-3. If you think about it, you’re basically placing a massive bet on yourself in every fight.

I’m not here to complain about how the UFC pays their fighters. There’s plenty of that out there. However, I am here to suggest that Calvin Ridley takes up MMA and makes a run at the UFC. I mean, he’s got nothing going on for the next year, so why not?

Bro clearly loves to gamble, so why not enter a sport where you literally lose half your paycheck with a loss? That’s right up his alley. And you know what, if he really got frisky and wanted to just bet on himself with Vegas too, Dana and the UFC wouldn’t give a shit. They’d probably encourage it.

I’m sure Calvin loves football and all that, but if he’s into financial risk, come over to the UFC. Oh, and if you don’t bet the Falcons every time Ridley’s on the field going forward you’re nuts. Guy has mob ties for sure.


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