Massive UFC news today as the promotion just signed middleweight Alex Periera. Never heard of him? Well, here’s why he’s important. He’s 2-0 in kickboxing against Izzy, and in their last fight he handed Adesanya the first and only knockout of his professional career. Is it possible he has Israel’s number?

Alex only has 4 professional MMA fights (a 3-1 record), but this signing is still completely justified. The upside on this dude is ridiculous. Worst case scenario is he flames out and goes back to kickboxing, but best case is he rattles off a few wins and sets up a complete super fight with Israel Adesanya. How insane would that be? You’d have Israel, who’s completely ravaged the Middleweight division, going up against the only guy to ever knock him out on the sports biggest stage with the world title on the line. Inject that fight into my veins.

Pereira is set to make his UFC debut against Andreas Michaildis in November at UFC 268, and how can you not root for Alex? I don’t know much about him at all, but I’m just dying for that Adesanya fight. If I know anything about UFC, I suspect they’ll give him some favorable matchups to build up hype for a potential Izzy fight, and Andreas could eb just that. God, I love this sport.


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