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The Top 5 Women of Wrestling Twitter After Dark

Written by Brad Shepard

Late Monday night I was innocently scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw a tweet with the hashtag, “WrestlingTwitterAfterDark.” To my surprise, it was also trending in the United States on Twitter.

Being the naturally curious person that I am, I clicked on it having no idea what I was in store for, and oh boy did it take me down a rabbit hole I could never turn back from.

If you aren’t familiar, Wrestling Twitter after dark is where the horniest of pro wrestling fans of all shapes and sizes assemble via hashtag to tweet scantily-clad, semi-nude and fully nude pictures of themselves. It’s a thirst trap of the finest quality on steroids.

Being that my ‘Top 5 women’s butts in WWE’ article was widely successful, I decided to take the next step in that evolution – ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the women of Wrestling Twitter after dark.

I’ve undertaken the intensive task of rating the top 5 women, in order. If you didn’t make the list <Chris Jericho voice>, there’s always next time…maybe.

With further ado…

5) Tylee Texas

Number 5 is Tylee Texas, and she’s apparently a big fan of the Hulkster, brother.

4) Paislee Ford

Paislee is an independent professional wrestler.

3) Random Girl/Possible Significant Other of Mike Dijital

Mike Dijital wants you to believe this is his girl, and maybe it is – either way, she’s a smokeshow, so it counts.

2) Fearn Golland

Fearn’s representing the UK and has a look that says, “I’m sexy and I know it.”

1) Taryn Welch

Taryn is the girlfriend of independent professional wrestler Dylan Bostic. Her look is classy and elegant, while also fun and a little bit naughty.

Congratulations on being ranked number one on my Top 5 Women of Wrestling Twitter after dark – Dylan is a lucky man.

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