The Top 5 Most Annoying NFL Fan Bases

Written by EricLyonsTV

There are some insufferable fan bases in the football world that just grind my gears. As we get closer to football season I think I should warn you about which fans to mute on Twitter this Fall.

5. Kansas City Chiefs Fans. I think this is more so directed at Pat Mahomes fans but man they act like everything that man does is so unbelievable. As if Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford haven’t been doing side arms for years. Chiefs fans were not this bold when Alex Smith was playing quarterback but now they think they can say and do whatever they want.

So much so that they were crying for penalties the whole night when the Bucs stomped them out in February. Their biggest fans, the women in Mahomes and Kelce lives even took to social media to say the game was rigged. Yeah I’ll be rooting for the Brocos to win the AFC West this year.

4. Baltimore Ravens Fans. This may come as a surprise to a lot of people but I’m a Baltimore native so I know about these people firsthand. Same thing with Chiefs fans and most fanbases it starts with the quarterback. I have no problem with Lamar Jackson but Ravens fans make me want to get on the field and hit stick that man. After a 12 yard throw they rush to Twitter at 80 mph to tweet “not bad for a running back huh” like please let that go!

Then they always have to involve themselves in conversations that have nothing to do with them. I tweeted that Jalen Ramsey was the best cornerback in the league then I had the entire flock in my mentions yelling about Marlon Humphrey. Fam I do not care about that man! Ravens fans are always concerned about what other people think about their team, just enjoy your team they’re good! And don’t let them lose a game, not a playoff game, this could be a game in September they tweet “Win or lose it’s still Ravens Nation” fam you’re 3-1 relax with the dramatics! Ravens fans I say this with love.

3.Chicago Bears Fans. I’m a Packers fan so this one is personal. These people are delusional. They told us Mitchell Trubusiky was the savior, raved about Khalil Mack and I haven’t seen him since week 1 of the 2018 season. Bears fans are just trolls, they say things that they know aren’t true just to get under opposing fans skin. I love breaking their little hearts twice a year.

2. Tom Brady Fans. This is for you Patriots and Bucs fans. I’ve seen Boston natives openly say they rooted for Brady to win and if it came down to a Pats vs Bucs Super Bowl they would pull for Brady. How nasty is that? Patriots fans won’t admit that their dynasty was built on the back of luck. Without the tuck rule, Adam Vinateri, Billy Cundiff, Pete Carrol, Kevin King, and the referees we really wouldn’t be having this conversation.

1. Dallas Cowboys Fans. No explanation needed.

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