The Top 10 Past Super Bowl Commercials – View Clips Here

Written by Nate

Through all of time and years past, Super Bowl is mainly all about the big game, food, and the parties. However, one of the more entertaining aspects on the day is perhaps the commercials.

So with less than 24 hours left before the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami, I put up a varied list of (what it is believed to be) the top ten best, past Super Bowl commercials.

This list will vary from the funniest, iconic, most-recognized, and the heart-touching commercials that has grown popular through the years. With the brief intro, let’s start with #10….

10. Doritos- Spicy Nacho Dog Door (2012)

9. Volkswagen- Darth Vader Kid (2011)

8. Budweiser – Frogs (1995)

7. Snickers – Betty White (You’re Not You When You’re Hungry) (2010)

6. Dodge Ram Trucks – The Farmer (2013)

5. Budweiser – Five Hundred Miles/Lost Dog (2014)

4. Coors Light – Twins (2002)

3. Pepsi – The Cindy Crawford One (1992)

2. Budweiser – The Reunion (2013)

1. Coca-Cola – Hey Kid, Catch! (1980)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Air Jordan (1992), – ‘When I Grow Up’ (1999), and M&Ms – Sexy and I Know It (2012).

Everyone has their own favorite Super Bowl commercial, but there are a certain that stand out from the rest.

Feel free to comment what your favorite big game commercial is.

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