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The time has come for Daniel Snyder to sell the Washington Franchise

Written by Angel

The dysfunction in Washington has just escalated to the point where there is no other choice but where the NFL must step in and force a change. The latest article from the Washington Post has essentially backed up into a corner.

The sad part of this is that Daniel Snyder probably doesn’t even feel he has done anything wrong and that is the issue. Let us put aside for a minute how terrible the product has been on the field in his entire tenure.

Anytime the team strikes gold in the draft, they almost automatically follow it up by alienating the player and chase other players for much more money than it would have cost to keep their own players.

I want readers to also forget the fact that the team sells seats to watch the game that are literally behind massive concrete pillars. The most comical part about that is the team has placed small televisions on those pillars but it only shows the score and not the game itself.

Instead of being somewhat sensitive in the first place of what is now almost universally agreed that the term “redskins” is racist, he has finally agreed to change it after a massive backlash from all sides.

Through all of that dysfunction, there is now evidence that the team openly allowed men with titles to run the front office like a Roman bathhouse. This has to be the last straw.

There are already unconfirmed reports that the team owner has denied any knowledge of any sexual harassment claims. There can only be two rational explanations for his claim.

Snyder is either covering his backside in case there are any legal ramifications or he is so unbelievably incompetent that he has no business running an NFL franchise.

Either way, the NFL must step in and save Snyder from himself and show the world that racism and sexual harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

One of my favorite sections of this breaking story is that the team actually had one HR employee for a significant portion of Snyder’s tenure. If it is not a priority for leaders to protect their employees, those types of individuals should be excluded from leading in any capacity.

It is also funny how quickly team officials retired, quit, or were fired only after being approached by the journalists of this story. This should let everyone know that if not pressed, this culture would have gone on without repercussion.

I understand that the world today glorifies money. If you have it, your voice automatically counts. It also means that the person was smart enough to attain it. Contrary to popular belief, wealth does not measure the intelligence of a human being nor does it give a person the right to treat individuals any way they please.

I do know that the shame associated with this recent fallout and the potential of being forced to sell his franchise is the only way Daniel Snyder will feel the effects of what he has allowed to be done under his watch. The time has come for Snyder to sell. NFL, the world is now watching you.

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