The super bowl to the UK?

Written by TrevStone

Plenty of bookmakers is starting to offer odds on the super bowl moving to the UK or not with the sporting event being one of the largest across the world. Many non uk casinos are starting to provide sports fans with information on the super bowl and what it has to offer regarding sports bets. The event is huge in the USA and the UK have taken an interest in trying to host the event in the next few years.

Can the UK host such an event?

The UK can host the super bowl due to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium which is a state-of-the-art stadium and is one of the best stadiums in Europe. This stadium has hosted NFL games in recent years and has proven to be more than capable of hosting the famous event. When there have been NFL games at the stadium previously, they have been attended by thousands of football fans from the UK with them wanting to see what all the fuss is about regarding NFL games.

With this stadium being able to provide a venue for the event it only seems a matter of time before we see the super bowl touch down on UK soil. Many sports fans in the UK have taken a keen interest in the NFL in recent seasons with the UK and USA providing sports fans with a better insight into their most popular sports which are football and the NFL.

Why host it?

With this being such a large event, the UK are wanting to host the super bowl to attract millions of tourists to their country and to the stadium to watch the super bowl which would bring in a lot of money and new customers to many businesses. The event is huge across the USA with thousands of fans travelling across different states to watch the game. 

Hopefully, we will see the super bowl come to the UK but many USA residents are not so keen on their favourite event moving across the pond so, only time will tell if the UK can hose the event or not. The UK is more than equipped to hose the super bowl and has the facilities to put on a show-stopping event if they were able to host it in the next few years.

Talks are ongoing regarding the event moving to the UK and as you can read above it is a huge event to host.

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