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The Suits sent Scooter Braun to beg Dave Portnoy to give 50% of “Call Her Daddy” back to Sofia. Portnoy proceeds to own the internet, once again.

Written by Nik D

Here is the latest drama in the “Call Her Daddy” and Barstool Sports saga. After the podcast’s co-host, Sofia Franklin, left the podcast (per the advice of her boyfriend) looking for more money, Alex Cooper, the other co-host, decided to stay on.

We have already covered that drama. I will let you read about that HERE and HERE.

The latest in the saga is that Peter Nelson, AKA “Suitman” AKA “The Guy From Shrek” apparently had Scooter Braun call Erika Nardini to try to get Sofia back in the loop.

That didn’t work.

Here is what El Presidente had to say on the matter:

And just like that, Dave Portnoy once again defeats an army of suits all on his own.

All I can really tell you about Scooter Braun is that he is a 38 year old guy that goes by Scooter and apparently screwed over Taylor Swift at one point. Whatever the case is, Scooter didn’t want any of Pres’s smoke and Portnoy remains undefeated.

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