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The story of how the market ignored Shelby Harris

Written by TrevStone

When Denver launched the entire start-up front into the market in winter, many fans felt a little uncomfortable. And without that, the team had enough holes. However, Elvey was able to cement the line, replacing Jurrell Casey for the Titans and returning two last year’s starters, one of which we’ll talk about now.

Shelby Harris was listed in a cohort of players entering the market for a solid contract. The same guy from the mysterious Illinois State program, selected in round 7 and expelled six times in less than 3 years, who was planning to end his career as a football player without any offers for four months. The Broncos coaches then admitted that in 2017, in the summer training camp, Harris was a week from the expulsion, demonstrating latent abilities on time. An atypical situation for a player who is aiming to replenish his bank account seriously.

Being in his prime, the 28-year-old Harris spent the first full season in 5 seasons, having played in all 16 games at the start and becoming the only Denver line-up who managed to do this. His results also gained the attention of online casinos. There is no need to mention the popularity of the NFL in the United States, but what is more surprising the representative from Nordic countries, Finland appeared to have a large fan base of Harris. It attracted the attention of Finnish online casinos, and Suomi was the exceptional provider, offering special betting options on Shelby Harris specifically. It offered options, named ‘Harris’ and ‘Shelby’ both of which were particularly on the American player. It was not a surprising fact, because Harris was doing great in the team.

The most impressive statistics came from downshifts – Harris was able to do this 9 times, which was a league record among all line-ups. The ability to lose a block and free his hands in those moments when he could not break through the liner is an exceptional Shelby talent, which many defenders can only dream of.

On the other hand, this fact tells us that Harris is not able to generate destructive pass consistently – his 6 sacks accounted for only three games. Blockers often slow it down, preventing them from entering beyond the line of scrimmage. But thanks to the second option – constantly free hands and jumping, strangely combined with this heavy linear – Harris still interrupts the rallies.

Interrupted rallies

That’s where Harris really shines. There are double threat quarterbacks, and there is Shelby – he is a double threat lineman. Usually, a pass-racer either breaks into an envelope or gets stuck on blocks. Harris has an alternative option to interrupt the rally. Downshifts are traditionally perceived by an insignificant parameter of a linear defender, however, the ability to understand the line of the pass and the control of the eyes of the passer – a rarity in today’s league. What difference does it make, how exactly do you stop the development of a combination: making a sec or knocking down a pass? What is essential – both actions can lead to a loss of ownership: a fumble on a sec or interception after contact with the ball. Harris understands this perfectly, continuing to influence the process of the rally even stalled on the line.

For Harris, this is not a sunset career. Everything is in his hands. Given the big market in 2021, when the salary cap soars significantly, he is quite capable of getting the coveted big contract – the first and last in his career. But on one condition: if 2020 turns out to be enchanting as well as 2019. Who knows, maybe this money will be paid again by John Elway.

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