The State Of New York Just Legalized Getting A Haircut On Sundays

Written by austenlange

New York Govener Andrew Cuomo just signed a new bill to get rid of one of the utmost preposterous laws I have ever heard of by allowing barbers to work on Sundays.

The new law was put into action immediately and circumvents any state law stating that barbers will receive a MISDEMEANOR for cutting someone’s hair on a Sunday.

Cuomo tweeted this yesterday and for a guy who never makes any sense, this makes perfect sense.

Apparently many people, including myself had not a single clue that this was an active law. This bill was set in place by Republican State Senator Joe Griffo.

“Barbershops and salons, like all small businesses, have faced significant, unprecedented and strenuous challenges during the coronavirus pandemic,” Griffo said.

“By removing outdated and unnecessary laws such as this, these businesses will be provided with an additional opportunity to recover financially as we work to rebuild our local and state economies.

I just really can’t even begin to imagine where some of the dumb laws come about but I’m glad the barbers of New York are able to make a decent living, even on a Sunday.

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