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The St. Louis Cardinals MUST Keep Yadier Molina

Written by mrbillylocks

As long as Yadier Molina is donning an MLB uniform, it HAS to be a St. Louis Cardinals one. The 17-year veteran catcher is currently fielding offers in free agency, seeking at least a one year, $10 million deal with a 2022 option. The teams in reportedly in play are the Cardinals, Yankees, Mets, Padres, and Angels.

The Cardinals have been seen as the obvious favorites, but as of Wednesday, that may not be the case.

Mark Saxon reported that in a recent conversation between the Cardinals and Molina’s agent, Yadi deemed the offer to be “ridiculous.” That’s not a word Cardinals fans like myself want to hear.

I believe that the Cardinals have no choice but to sign him. Give him whatever amount he wants. This isn’t like Albert Pujols who was looking for a ludicrous 10 year deal, this is 2 years MAX! We can afford to take a slight payroll hit for the next 2 years for our FUTURE HALL OF FAME catcher that has carried the team since Pujols’ departure.

Yadi is going to play. At this point, it seems like he is willing to leave the Cardinals if that’s what it takes. There’s no way we can be letting him entertain that offer. Same goes for Wainwright as well.

Many people may say “they’re old, let them go” but that’s exactly the point! We’re not sacrificing long term payroll re-signing these guys, and they’re not asking for much! We’re giving washed up Matt Carpenter $37 million in guaranteed money in 2020 and 2021, but we can’t give Yadi $10 mil???? Yadi has more than earned that money. He deserves to spend his whole career in St. Louis.

If the Cardinals let Yadi walk, it may be the first time in my life that I’ll be embarrassed to be a Cardinals fan. Albert Pujols was tough to let go, but 10 years is a lot to ask for and a hard decision to make. 2 years is not. Both Molina and Wainwright need to wear their Cardinals jerseys for 2 more years, and then they can trade it in for their red jackets.


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