The Sopranos Prequel Trailer ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Just Dropped And It Is Incredible

Written by Will

LET’S GOOOOO, The Sopranos is back and in action baby with a new prequel movie called ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ and it looks incredible. Number one, it is made by the same guy who made the original show and no way he disappoints. Next, the man playing a young Tony Soprano is Michael Gandolfini who happens to be the son of James Gandolfini, the original Tony Soprano. God I can’t wait for this, it looks like the story of a young Tony Soprano choosing between school and the mafia, and Chrissy’s dad, Dickie Moltisanti, sways him to join the Mafia. Sopranos is already one of thee greatest shows ever, if not the greatest. Now we get a movie? Let’s gooooo, October 1st can’t come fast enough.

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