In a plot twist that even The Simpsons couldn’t have predicted, the Michigan sign-stealing scandal threw college football for a loop, leaving Homer Simpson scratching his head in confusion.

Despite missing the mark on this one, The Simpsons writers didn’t hold back when roasting the university and its football maestro, Jim Harbaugh. In their recent episode titled “Do the Wrong Thing,” the legendary sitcom threw shade at sports’ infamous cheating scandals, giving a nod to Bill Belichick, USC, and the Houston Astros.

However, the pièce de résistance was reserved for Harbaugh, as Bart Simpson took center stage in the final segment. The setting? None other than the “Jim Harbaugh Center for Competitive Imbalance,” where Bart hilariously instructs a class in “Intro to Cheating 101.”

“Students, look to your left, look to your right. Those are the people you’ll be cheating off of,” Bart sagely advises his class, capturing the essence of the Michigan mayhem.

Despite Harbaugh’s three-game suspension and the Wolverines’ rollercoaster ride through the season, they miraculously clinched a spot in the College Football Playoff. Now, set to face off against Alabama in the Rose Bowl, Michigan aims to conquer the gridiron en route to the elusive National Championship game.

Harbaugh, maintaining his innocence in the sign-stealing escapade, remains steadfast, while the curious case unravels further with Connor Stalions, a former program analyst, making a dramatic exit after a suspension. The saga continues, with more laughs than a Simpsons marathon!

Image from: Total Pro Sports


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