The Simpsons Predicted These Main 2020 Events During An Episode In 1993! Matt Groening We Are Onto You and Your Time Traveling – @PatMcAfeeShow

The Simpsons predicting different events are back at it.

In an episode aired in 1993 the famous TV series basically predicted the main events that have happened in 2020.

Citizens protested in front of a medical office chanting “we need a cure” the doctor said “The only cure is bedrest, the only cure would be a placebo” someone yells “maybe there are some in the truck.”….

Followed by ‘killer bees’ attacking.

Crazy. We are in the middle of a pandemic without a cure. And we just recently found the first Giant Asian Killer Bees in the US.

Here is a video of Pat McAfee breaking down other events that the Simpsons have predicted:

Matt Groening, the creator of the show… Must be a time traveler. This is wild.

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