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The Seattle Seahawks are Frauds

Written by Jleibl

The Seattle Seahawks have started out the season 5-0 but for some reason as I have watched their games, they look like they could easily be 0-5 and I think its an embarrassment that they are considered a “top team” in the NFC.

Let’s get one thing straight, Russell Wilson is the real deal (On Wisconsin), and his surrounding cast in Lockett, DK, and Chris Carson are really nice to have on your fantasy team. But when your 5 wins are against, the Falcons (0-5), Patriots (Covid), Cowboys (2-3), Dolphins (2-3), and the Vikings (1-4), I really am not impressed. Lets also not forget that their average winning margin is a thrilling 6.8 points, against teams with a combined win total of 7 games. YAWN.

Their defense is atrocious and for the love of god Pete Carroll is the most annoying human being ever with his gum chomping mouth. They are giving up 27 points per game and have managed to find ways to win because Russell Wilson needs to play like a super hero every single week. If anything Wilson is getting a taste of what Aaron Rodgers has gone through his whole life as his defense is awful so he needs to put up 40 points a game to win. I’ve seen how this story plays out and it will end with a Divisional lost because you cannot keep giving up 30 points week in and week out and expect to win.

As I have Ty Lockett and Russell Wilson on my fantasy team, I thank them for their performances through the first 5 weeks but, I’m happy to say this Seahawks team truly is trash and they might as well come to the realization that their season will end short of the Super Bowl.

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