The Search for the Browns Next Head Coach

After the Browns owners, Jimmy and Dee Haslam, decided it was time to fire Freddie Kitchens, they’re looking for a new head coach…again. There are many candidates being named at this time, but there is no real front runner quite yet. Here are a few of the bigger names that are being interviewed for the position. 

Mike McCarthy is probably the top name in Berea right now. The former Green Bay Packers coach has been out of the job for over a year now, after being fired by the Packers before the end of the 2018 season. It almost seemed unfair how McCarthy was ran out of Green Bay. He has a super bowl win, a 135-85-2 coaching record, and a 10-8 playoff record under his belt. McCarthy seems like the perfect coach for this Browns team, in need of a solid, experienced head coach, who knows what it’s like to win.

Josh McDaniels could be the Haslam’s favorite. Some speculate this to be true after it was said that McDaniels wouldn’t take the job if John Dorsey were the GM, and wherever he ends up, he wants to bring his own guys from the New England front office. McDaniels has had a head coaching job before in the NFL as the coach of the Denver Broncos, but it didn’t go so well, with a record of 8-8 in 2009, and 3-9 in 2010 (was fired after week 13). To McDaniels defense, the Broncos didn’t have the most talented team in the NFL in these two seasons.  

Urban Meyer is a hometown favorite but I don’t think he would be the right guy for the job. First of all, he has never coached in the NFL. The team just got done firing a guy who hasn’t had head coaching experience in the league before. Why would they want to risk going through all that again? Second, Meyer has a very well-known history of having a coaching job for a couple of years, faking a health-related issue to get out of that job, then going and getting a better job. I wouldn’t want to take this chance as an owner or GM, hiring someone who has the history that Meyer does with leaving his teams.  

There are many other candidates that have been talked about, one of the most interesting to me is 49ers defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh. First said by Nathan Zegura on the radio show “Cleveland Browns Daily”, if Saleh were to become the Browns head coach, he would either be bringing Mike Lafleur or Mike McDaniel to be our offensive coordinator. This was said before the firing of John Dorsey, so I did not look any further into this. It would also make more sense for the organization to hire an offensive minded head coach.  

Obviously, whatever move the Haslam’s make, it’s probably going to be the wrong one. With all of the winning history McCarthy has, there is no reason he shouldn’t be the one to get the job. This is a beyond talented football team that needs an experienced head coach that can lead. Again, I’m not getting too excited since whatever move is made, it probably won’t be the right one.  

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