The Sad Story Of Ryan Whitaker – Killed By Police

Written by TrevStone

Every single day we hear new stories about someone whose life was lost in the hands of a police officer! Today I’m here to help tell the story of Ryan Whitaker.

A Facebook post by Spike Cohen who is a Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate.

This man’s name was Ryan Whitaker.

Ryan was shot and killed by the police in Phoenix, Arizona on May 21st of this year.

A neighbor called the police about a noise complaint, annoyed and answering the questions of the dispatcher just to get it dealt with as fast as possible. On the 911 call, the neighbor stated “It could be physical. I could say yeah if that makes anybody hurry it up. Get anybody here faster.” The neighbor isn’t the problem, though. What could have been a much simpler police call, ended in needless and horrific tragedy.

Ryan and his girlfriend were “making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot”, according to Ryan’s girlfriend, and confirmed by the bodycam footage of the responding officers. The cops knocked on Ryan’s door, announcing themselves with a quick shout, which most likely was inaudible from inside Ryan’s home. The officers stood on each side of the door, concealing themselves from view.

As it was late at night, Ryan Whitaker opened the door with a firearm in hand, held toward the ground, presumably fearing for his safety.Noticing the gun, the officers yelled “HANDS!”, and Ryan attempted to get down on the ground. One of the officers, Jeff Cooke, shot him twice in the back after Ryan had already dropped the gun and put his hands up.

Two months later, the bodycam footage was released showing a man well within his right to defend his home. Ryan was a law abiding citizen, murdered by the police.As of yet, no arrests have been made. No warrants have been served. Law enforcement agents need to be held to the same standard the rest of us are held to.

Stories like Ryan’s happen too often, and they need to come to an end. #EndQualifiedImmunity#JusticeForRyanWhitaker

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