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The Rock VS Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 39 In 2023? I Can’t Wait That Long!

Written by jwatry

Since Roman Reigns became the Universal Champion back in August and revealed his alliance with Paul Heyman, there has been one constant.

He is the head of The Table. Roman Reigns is the leader of his family. The Usos and everybody else has to bow down. He is the bread winner now and will support his family. Not necessarily because he wants to…but because he has to. That is his goal now, that is his job. The same has been going on inside the squared circle. Reigns has been ruling the ring and taking charge on Smackdown. The blue brand has been awesome since his return, and he is responsible for that. the weight of the world on his shoulders.

None of his peers can dispute that, and nobody in his family can argue.

Well, maybe except one man.

The Rock!

Yep, the Samoan blood runs deep. Fans have eagerly been anticipating a showdown between The Great One (Dwayne Johnson) and The Tribal Chief himself. You see, Rocky used to rule the wrestling world, but then he ran off to Hollywood and conquered that avenue. Now? WWE belongs to Roman Reigns, and he carried that Universal Title like a badge of honor. For the company but especially for his family. When asked about a potential Rock/Reigns bout, here is what our Tribal Chief had to say…

The full interview will drop on Thursday.

Bottom line: The Rock returning to the ring in Hollywood for WrestleMania 39 makes sense. In 2023! Sure, he will be 50 by then, if my math is correct. That doesn’t matter, as The Rock would yell out! Does anybody doubt he could still get in there and deliver? Factor in a family member and a main event story line surrounding the family, yeah. The Rock would definitely “show up” there. Kinda sucks everything health wise is going on right now, with all the restrictions and limited fans. The current Reigns story is RED HOT. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. Who knows where things will stand in the beginning of 2023?

Rock. Reigns. WrestleMania?
I don’t want to wait until 2023. Give it to me NOW!

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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