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The Rock and Simone Johnson Need to Face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania! @therock @tripleh @stephmcmahon @simonegjohnson

Cleary this is fantasy booking at it’s finest. But man, if the WWE could pull this off in the next few years could you imagine the viewership it would get? Peacock might not be able to even handle the bandwidth activity. Sure, it is very early in Simone Johnson’s career and as far as we are aware, she won’t be rising to the main roster any time soon. Everyone keeps talking about an inevitable match between her father The Rock and cousin Roman Reigns. While that would be great to see, I think The Rock being able to work in a mixed tag match with his daughter against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would be even better for business.

If you recall back to WrestleMania 34, Triple H and Stephanie put on one hell of a performance against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. Both Triple H and Stephanie played their parts to perfection, making Rousey look like an absolute world beater. They have pulled off a match like this before, but imagine if it were against Simone and The Rock.

There is a lot of history between The Rock and Triple H. The way I see it, Simone gets brought to the main roster and is automatically treated badly by Stephanie McMahon. I can see Stephanie accusing Simone of expecting to coast through life in the WWE simply because of who her father is. Simone, clearly a face, is nothing but a hard worker trying to prove herself on the big stage. But no matter the circumstances, Stephanie is always there to beat her down. Maybe Stephanie puts her through gauntlet matches or tries to publicly embarrass her. Then Simone snaps, and eventually slaps Stephanie across the face. This would bring out Triple H who feels the need to put Simone in her place. Talking down to her, nearly frightening her until….

Now I’m sure Simone, like any other second generation WWE Superstar, wants to make a name on her own without relying on her father’s name. You can ask Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns…any current second generation star. I’m sure after a while they get tired of being compared to their fathers. But, this is bigger than that. This is something the fans would want to see. This would help elevate Simone considerably on the women’s roster and Triple H and Stephanie could help give her the push of a lifetime with a match at WrestleMania.

What do you say McMahon family? Is this something you could see happening? Book it already!

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