The Reigning Most Improved Player Has Taken Another Leap

Written by Will

The league’s reigning most improved player just keeps improving. Brandon Ingram went off again tonight, 28/11/6 in a Pelicans win over the Spurs. Last season was Ingram’s best season yet, averaging 23.8/6.1/4.2 and in three games this season has been dominant.

Yeah, he’s good to say the least. Brandon Ingram was the second overall pick in 2016. His career got off to a rough start, only averaging 9.4 points per game. Every single season, Ingram has improved his points per game. From 9.4 to 16.1 his second season, to 18.3 his third season, then 23.8 last season.

He’s now averaging 26.6 per game. At the age of 23, he’s only going to get better.

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