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I’ve been down and out, Covid has taken its toll on me and almost kicked me to the curb. I was grueling and had no motivation for life and then life started to come back to me. Sunday the Colts got their first win of the season and the Red Sox claimed top wildcard spot and we were set to face the yanks. Now as I had layed almost lifeless most of the week like I was Chris Benoit, these wins by my teams sent adderall and the vaccine through my body as I slowly became alive once more.

All day yesterday I had to see brain dead Yankees fans talk about “oh we’re not scared, it’s just the Red Sox” sounding like absolute bozos. This fucking guy Mush has been saying he wanted to play the Red Sox they aren’t a threat. Little did he know we murder yankee fucks and their fans, it really warms my heart seeing yankee fans crush and have their soul ripped out of their puny bodies. We all know New York Yankee fans are all just blockheaded hardos that don’t really know baseball they just support their team, and I respect you support your team but watch some baseball for once you fans are making yourselves look terrible.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop shitting on Yankees fans until they can beat us in the playoffs, I don’t care about the past or how many “championships” they have because we all know that’s all their fans know. Any Yankees fan younger than 30 just shouldn’t speak on this team, they don’t watch baseball they just smoke K2 and talk out of their ass. Boston owns New York and it’s not even close, we smack them in every sport possible they don’t have a leg up on us for shit. DA JANKEEEEEEEES LOOOOOSE

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