The Process Took A Sad Death

Written by Will

Rest in peace to the process and the 76ers. The 76ers were big favorites entering this series, as they should have been. The 76ers were the number one seed in the eastern conference going 49-23, while the Hawks were the fifth seed and led by a 22-year-old in Trae Young. The 76ers blew a 25 point lead in game five but found a way to win game six on the road. The series was tied 3-3 heading back to Philadelphia and the 76ers blew it. Trae Young didn’t even play well, shooting 5-23 overall and 2-11 of three for 21 points. The Hawks savior was Kevin Huerter scoring 27 points shooting 56% from the field.

Congratulations to the Hawks, no one saw this coming and the Hawks deserved to win the series but this is more about the 76ers failures. The 76ers missed their best opportunity to win the title. The one seed, almost every team is hurt and had an easier road than most to the finals. If there was ever a year, this was it for Philly. Embiid did his thing as normal, scoring 31 points and grabbing ten rebounds. Tobias Harris chipped in 24 points but shot 8-24 overall. But again the big letdown for the Sixers was Ben Simmons. This dude hasn’t improved at all, Simmons final stat line was 5/8/13. Simmons has to leave Philadelphia, he was the main reason the 76ers lost this series.

Abysmal, no excuses. He is now the worst free throw shooter in NBA history. The Sixers can’t even play him in crunch time because of his shooting abilities. Simmons is so in his head about shooting, he even passed up a wide open layup.

Big Cat describes it perfectly above, it is insane to watch. A basketball player who is scared to shoot the ball, insanity. The process took a sad death last night. A process that started out with so much help and ended so sadly. Now we get Hawks Bucks in the conference finals, a matchup nobody predicted.

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